2019 Conference Sponsors

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Register today to guarantee a spot!

We include all vendors in an open vendor panel discussion.  Help our members understand how your service can promote and increase revenues!

Rates are subject to go up as we get closer to the event so lock in your rates as soon as possible! We are limited to accepting one gold and platinum sponsor from each vendor type!  




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Friend of the



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Platinum Sponsor

  • Table top exhibit: large table display for the two days -Prime spot in exhibit

  • Acknowledged in pre-marketing Materials as Platinum sponsor. Logo and bold print on Banner and signs

        displayed at conference.

  • Marketing as sponsor or co-sponsor of any of our major events available - (such as the Presidential Event

        Reception, golf, Speaker Sponsor, Photo Booth, Breakfast ) With signage available at the event (provided
        by the vendor)

  • We will ask Platinum vendor to be on our vendor board panel of experts (for this year’s Theme part of the

       Chiefs of Staff). Introduction to meeting attendees as an expert on the panel with any bio/introduction as
       provided by vendor to moderator. Able to present in the meeting with time allowed of no more than 10

  • Table top signs recognizing all Platinum sponsors in meeting room.

  • Price includes 4 vendor attendees.

Limited Platinum’s available by industry. (No more than two per industry i.e., letter services, software
companies, payment processers, voice analytics, liability Insurance, skip tracing etc.)


Gold Sponsor

  • Table top exhibit for two days

  • Acknowledged at conference and on any pre-marketing material as GOLD sponsor (bolder print and logos).

  • Able to present in the meeting with time allowed of no more than 5 minutes. Vendor presentation can include video visuals available within our meeting.  

  • Signage at event as sponsor or co-sponsor of coffees service, snack service etc. "As provided by our sponsor, ABC

  • Price includes 3 vendor attendees.


Silver Sponsor

  • Table top exhibit for two days.

  • Acknowledged on pre-marketing material and signage at event bold print.

  • Price includes 2 vendor attendees.


Non-Exhibitor Attendance

  • Acknowledged on signage as sponsor.

  • An introduction of services within conference with no visuals, vendor room integrated member introduction and meet the vendor breakfast question and answer.  Reception and vendor/member game event.  

  • Price includes one vendor attendee.


Friend of the 


If you are unable to attend this year’s conference for any reason, but still want to show your support, sign up to be a friend.  The price of being our friend includes:

  • Logo included in all pre-marketing materials.

  • Logo will be included on signage as supporter and “Friend of the Association”

  • We will pass out any promotional items to all attendees i.e. pens, flash drives, water bottles, etc.

  • We will also distribute informational pamphlets or brochures in each attendee’s conference packet.